Sunday, January 31, 2010

Run some new treasures.

In my crazy saturday
of running the dogs to the vet,
my daughter having dance rehearsal,
my son's car breaking down,
(he's home for the week :] )
taking dogs to the groomers,
picking up a table I bought,
hmmm did I leave anything out???

Well, about 4pm,
I was able to run some

new treasures over to my booth
at Treasures N Junk.
I was still working on my booth
when they announced
they were closing in 3 minutes.

Needless to say my hubby
is always happy to hear

Here are some great handmade pillows.

First Communion bronze plate.

Blue Willow Daher Plater

Some more Daher bowls.

Glass Pedestal compote.

Goldilocks & Three Bears collector plate.

Happy Sunday Everyone!!!

Oh and for those of you who are following my
bathroom challenge,
I have another trip to Lowes today,
The exhaust fan we bought
didn't fit, image that!!!
So we are off to get another one...FUN :/

Friday, January 29, 2010

The Master Plan

I hope everyone had a great day

and now looking forward to

an even better weekend.

I had planned a perfect morning,

first, I was gonna finish tagging

another box of treasures.

second, I was driving out to

Riverside Galleria.

third, I was redoing my booth

at Treasures N Junk.

Good Plan???

I thought it was... until I decided I didn't

like the paint color I had decided I had to have!

So, I was off to the hardware store,

instead of accomplishing

the "master plan".

Well, this is not the cargo my truck is used to.

Not only did I need paint,

which i decided had to be

Dove Wings & Antique.

I think I chose them more for their names

than their color.

Can you blame me?!

I also bought

base board, medicine cabinet, faucet,

and MORE tile!!!

But the best part was that I also decided to replace

the counter top...easy task i thought.

Just go and buy another one

the same size, nothing fancy,

just something new to go with

the rest of the restroom.

Well...not that easy...when the size

I need is custom order only

and isn't sold in your local hardware store!!!

So now do we change the cabinet too??? URRRR

Which if we do, now the perfect mirror I found

will be too big,

& more floor tile

& another day of work :(

Granite Guy to the rescue!!!

We ordered a granite top,

which should be ready to install tomorrow

at 2pm.

So the grout & paint

will ''hopefully" be done by then.

Oh, and did I mention,

my Mr. Wonderful, had to work today.

So no help with all this fun stuff.

The only silver lining

is that my son flew in today

and will be with us for 8 days.

Let's see what tomorrow brings us.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

oh mon dieu

Oh Mon Dieu!!!

This is what a lil leak looks like :o(


This is where we are at now.

All the old wall tile adn floor tile are out... and the old tub too.

The new tub is in

and the new tile is on it's way up.

This is a close up of the tile,

Not to shabby :)

I'm starting to like the mess!
The transformation is starting to take place.

LOL, hey I can even be part of
Transformation Thursday

Stay tuned for updates!

Thanks for your visit.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

A little leak

Saturday morning started off great.
I headed to an Estate Sale
and hit one of my favorite spots
all before noon!!!
I found some great items.

I went home cleaned & priced
some of the treasures...

A boxful of hankies, magazines and a wonderful set of gloves.

But then the day turned for the worst...
We called the plumber for a little leak
with the tub faucet.
One thing lead to another,
finished my day at Lowes,
buying tile, new fixtures, paint & a new tub.

This might be a good thing, right???

I hope!!!
The silver lining is
that I'm headed over to
Treasure's N Junk
not only to check on my booth,
but to look for a mirror for the bathroom.

Ohhh, I hope I can find one :)

Monday, January 18, 2010

Treasures at Riverside Galleria

I had hoped to post these earlier.
But happy to say, my son
surprised us this weekend
and came home from school
for the weekend.

But, we made time yesterday
and took some of the new Treasures
to my booth #112
at Riverside Galleria.

My son just loves the drive to Riverside
(hahaha sure he does)

I gave this pedestal cake plate
a little touch up.
I think it turned out really cute.

I hope you enjoyed the new added treasures.

I just received a text from son!
They made it back on campus safely after a 6 hour drive.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Thrifting post delayed

I went thrifting yesterday,
and came home with
3 BOXES full
of Treasures!!!
My intention was to
spend this morning
cleaning everything up,
taking lots of pix
posting them on my blog
to share with you!!!
But when we came home
last night
my son was home!!!
He came home for the weekend!!!
We weren't expecting him to
come home for another 2 weeks.

Since we spent the day with him
I wasn't able to get everything ready
for the post.
Hopefully I can post my thrifting pix soon.

Sorry for the delay.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Always Something New

There is always something new

to surprise you

at Treasures N Junk!!!

Imagine what you will find inside :)

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Beautiful Day for a wedding

The day was perfect!!!
(82 degrees in Sunny California)
The groom was smiling
from ear to ear
and the bride was radiant.

Just sharing some pictures of
my lil cuzn's wedding.
I had 6 days to plan...
and I think I did a pretty good job
under the circumstances :)

These are just of few pictures of the
800 I took.

What a perfect way to start the
New Year!!!