Saturday, June 12, 2010

Always Something New At Treasures N Junk

Happy Weekend Everyone.

I took new old treasures to my

space #99 at Treasures N Junk yesterday.

As I usually due on Friday's, but yesterday

there was an extra business in the air.

There was lots of rumbling and buzzing happening.

So I hurried in space to see what was going on.

As i turned the corner there was

Dave & his son working on a


Doesn't it look amazing????

Well that wasn't all...

around the next aisle

there were more busy bees,

putting their ducks all in a row.

This is space #34 & #39 Chad & Jana's.

It's the "Man Cave"

So not everything is frilly & pink

at Treasures N Junk

as you can see.

MORE TO COME...this wasn't all that was happening :)

There were also 5 other space transformations...

more pictures on my next post.

Have an OOOH LA LA Day!!!


  1. Love the man cave... I think they should put some flowers in there , just for fun:)

  2. HA...that would be a nice girly touch :)